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Dear visitors!

Dear visitors,

We would like to cordially welcome you to our school homepage. The Johannes-Kepler-Realschule is in the upper part of Franconia (Bavaria). Currently, over 800 students attend our school.

Education at a Bavarian Realschule starts after four years of primary school and covers six years of school ending after a final exam in class 10. After their final exam, students can choose whether to continue education at school, preparing them for studying at university, or to enter working life.

From 7th grade on, our school provides different educational orientations according to a differing main emphasis in terms of educational content. Our pupils can choose between a mathematical and natural science area, an artistic area and an economic area which communicates basic commercial knowledge. All our pupils learn English throughout their years at this school. From 7th grade on, they can additionally take French as a second foreign language.
In addition to that, our school offers all-day care for classes 5 and 6.
The Realschule has a pronounced practical orientation with a lot of projects, presentations and internships as integral elements. For example, students in class 9 do a working experience to get an insight into different professions and regional enterprises. Additionally, students are given basic information technology knowledge which ranges from typing to editing or basic knowledge in Office and CAD, throughout their years at this school. Besides, we offer an extensive range of artistic creative electives, like choral singing, school band, school newspaper or school drama.

Johannes-Kepler-Realschule. Staatliche Realschule Bayreuth.